Nov 26, 2014

Top 3 Best Free iTunes DRM Removal Software to Remove FairPlay DRM

What Is FairPlay DRM & Why We need to Remove DRM

When you buy or rent a movie from iTunes Store, you will find that you are restricted to play it on iTunes compatible software or devices only. In this case, you are caught in FairPlay DRM protection. Technologically speaking, FairPlay DRM is a way adopted by Apple to control the use of media content, including songs, movies, TV episodes and music videos in iTunes after sale. Being encrypted by FairPlay, all video and audio files downloaded from iTunes are not allowed to be directly played on any other digital video playing devices but only Apple’s. For customers who rent movies or TV shows from iTunes Store, they can keep the rentals for one month only and 24 hours to finish watching it once started.

Since FairPlay, to some extent, largely infringes buyers’ rights to enjoy the legally purchased movies in their own ways, many people are seeking for the solution to get rid of FairPlay DRM protection from iTunes videos.

How to Remove FairPlay DRM Protection from iTunes Purchases

In order to crack the DRM lock from iTunes media files, you will need the help of exclusive tools such as iTunes DRM removal software. Fortunately, there are indeed a plenty of such kind of programs would do the job well. Except some paid ones like TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover, some freeware for FairPlay DRM removal are worth mentioning too.

So if you are annoyed by the DRM and need it badly to remove the FairPlay from your iTunes collection of movies, TV episodes, songs or books, you can refer to the following content to find out the best 3 free iTunes DRM removal applications we collected for you to gain the full ownership of iTunes media files you purchased legally.

Top 3 Best FairPlay DRM Removal Freeware for iTunes

1. Requiem – Best iTunes DRM Video Converter Freeware

As an easy-to-use yet powerful free application that removes FairPlay DRM from songs, videos, and iBooks purchased on iTunes, Requiem is the most well-known FairPlay DRM removal freeware among iTunes users. It enables you decrypt the audio and video data in iTunes files by authenticating with the DRM library using the secret credentials used by iTunes itself. Once the DRM is unlocked, you are free to play the DRM-free iTunes media files to any portable devices as you like.

However, the disadvantage of Requiem is that it can’t crack DRM from iTunes movie rentals but only purchases. What’s worse, it has stopped upgrading for a long time since v.4.2. So you can’t use it on Mac OS X 10.8 or systems beyond that.

**To remove DRM from rented iTunes movies on Mac OS X 10.8 or later, turn to TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter for Mac.

2. myFairTunes – Remove DRM from iTunes M4P Audio

As we know, Apple dropped the FairPlay DRM from iTunes music in 2009. But for people who purchased iTunes songs before that time, you may still need to kill the DRM from those music files stored in your library. In this case, you will need myFairTunes app that empowers you to unlock FairPlay-encrypted songs and albums for free. It generates DRM-free iTunes songs by simply converting the DRM-ed M4P music files to plain MP3 format.
Despite of the user-friendly interface and small size, this iTunes DRM audio converter is available in Windows version only. And like Requiem, it also stopped updates and requires 7.0.5 or earlier.

3. FairGame – Strip DRM from iTunes AAC Audio

If you are running a Mac machine and want to remove FairPlay encryption from iTunes audiobooks, then FairGame iTunes DRM music converter would be the best choice. By decrypting the DRM from iTunes AAC audio books, it enables you to enjoy any iTunes protected audio books on as many players as you like with ID tags preserved.

Sum Up

As you can see above, all those three iTunes DRM remover work in different ways to remove FairPlay from iTunes videos, songs and audio books. You can choose the one that best meets your requirements in FairPlay DRM removal. But if you expect more functions and frequent upgrades of the software, you’d better switch to some paid solutions, like TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter for Mac mentioned above.

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