Jan 18, 2015

87th Academy Awards: Final Predictions for 2015 Oscars

The nominees of the 87th Academy Awards were announced on Jan,15th, one month earlier than the final ceremony which will be launched on February 22, 2015 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. From the nominees we can see that the the Selma snubbed while Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel lead the pack with nine. So before the 2015 Oscars ceremony arrives, let's make predictions on the final winners to see how the Oscar race might culminate this year in advance.

First of all, let's get into the most important awards, which are Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director.

1. Best Picture - Winner Prediction: Boyhood
Filmed over 12 years with the same cast, Boyhood has been declared a landmark film by many notable critics with its direction, acting and scope. Till now, it has already been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, winning for Best Motion Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actress for Arquette. With those key wins, it's hard for Boyhood to not rack up for the Best Picture at 2015 Oscars race.

2. Best Actor - Winner Prediction: Michael Keaton, "Birdman"
Birdman brings the first Academy Award nomination for Michael Keaton and it might also be the finest work in Keaton's career. In this film, he presents us a journey of crisis and transformation as an ageing actor battles colleagues, family and friends, but mostly his own powerful inner demons. We have to admit that Michael Keaton's deserved comeback into the cinematic myths he walked away from.

3. Best Actress - Winner Prediction: Julianne Moore, "Still Alice"
Julianne Moore's performance as a brilliant academic facing early-onset Alzheimer's had put her at the front of the line in this year's best-actress race. For all the emotional and affective power of Moore's performance, she's supremely ted, possessing the beauty of a true star and the intuitive technique of a true actress. So we won't be surprised if she's awarded the Best Actress in the upcoming ceremony.

4. Best Director - Winner Prediction: Richard Linklater, "Boyhood"
"You wouldn't contract anyone to do something like this for 12 years, much less a 6-year-old," Linklater says. But at last he did it. And in this film, Richard Linklater, the 54-year-old Texas filmmaker, has shown us the growing up in a way we've never seen before. By watching Linklater's film, we can sense an understated feel that conveys a certain directorial nonchalance.

List of 87th Oscars Awards Winner Predictions

Best Supporting Actor - J.K. Simmons "Whiplash"
Best Supporting Actress - Patricia Arquette"Boyhood"
Best Animated Feature Film - How to Train Your Dragon 2
Best Adapted Screenplay - The Imitation Game
Best Cinematography - Birdman
Best Visual Effects - Interstellar
Best Documentary Feature - Citizenfour
Best Film Editing - Boyhood

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