Dec 29, 2015

How to Easily Convert iBooks to Amazon Kindle eReaders

We know that iBooks we downloaded from Apple iBooks store won’t allow us read them on Amazon Kindle or other non-Apple devices directly. That’s not only because the iBooks and Amazon Kindle eBooks are in different formats. One important reason is because all iBooks sold from iBooks store are protected by Apple’s DRM and can only be recognized by iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you wan to read the iBooks you got from iBooks store on any Amazon Kindle devices, such as Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, you’ll have to firtly bypass the DRM lock from the iBooks and then convert the DRM-free iBook ePub files to Amazon Kindle compatible formats, including PDF, AZW, Mobi, etc.

So here in the following article, we’ll guide you to easily convert the DRM-protected iBooks to Kindle eReaders in 3 steps only.

Step 1. Remove DRM from iBooks

Firstly, we should use some professional iBook DRM removal tools to unlock the DRM restriction from the iBooks. Here we are talking about TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac which is specially developed to remove DRM from iBook ePub files by making the copy of the DRM-free ePub files with original meta information retained.

You can download the free trial of TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac at first in order to get rid of the DRM from the iBooks with ease.

1. Launch TunesKit iBook Copy and click “Add Files” to load the purchased iBooks to the program. You can also use drag-and-drop to convert the iBooks.

2. Now you can choose the output folder to keep the DRM-free iBooks by yourself. Once it’s set, you can start to remove the DRM protection from iBooks by clicking “Convert” button.

Step 2. Convert iBook ePub Files to Kindle Mobi

Once the iBooks are converted to DRM-free books in ePub format, you can now use some easy-to-use eBook converter, such as Calibre, ePubor eBook Converter, to convert the common ePub iBooks to Kindle eBook formats, like Mobi, PDF, etc.

Step 3. Transfer iBooks to Amazon Kindle for Reading

When the iBooks are converted successfully to Kindle compatible eBook format, you can freely transfer the iBooks to your Amazon Kindle eReaders via USB cable for reading at anytime you like.

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