May 5, 2016

Media Streamer Reviews: Top 10 Best Chromecast Alternatives

The Google Chromecast is no doubt a digital wonder to behold given the way it took the media streaming services by storm with its launch. Google Chromecast is a simple HDMI-enabled media streaming device that lets you stream content from your smartphones and tablets directly to your TV, without any need of physical cables. This nifty little tool from Google is a 3-inch device that plugs directly into your TV and pairs with your mobile device over a WiFi connection and lets you stream content directly from your Smartphones and tablets to your TV. This cheap and reliable device also lets you stream content from a number of third-party services like Netflix, Hulu and more using Chromecast apps.

Why would you need a Chromecast alternative?

Although Google Chromecast was pretty good at what at did, the initial beta release saw only a few people getting early access to this tool and a few models of it were sold for an exorbitant prices at eBay and Amazon. While this device is exceptionally good, it hasn’t been released officially in Europe and many other parts of the world including UK. The inability to watch Amazon TV, lack of a native interface and no physical remote for users without a Smartphone are some of the areas that puts off many users from using the Chromecast.
10 Best Google Chromecast alternatives

While Google’s Chromecast is a great media streaming device, there are a plethora of devices and apps available at hand that can match or even outperform the Chromecast. Below are 10 of the best Google Chromecast alternatives for you to play around with.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has pretty much stepped out of the shadows when it comes to media streaming devices with their new Amazon Fire TV. This device positions Amazon among one of the most efficient media streaming devices with tons of features out-of-the-box. With the bonus of gaming added to it, the Amazon Fire TV can not only stream media to your TV, it also lets you play games on your TV. It is the easiest way to view Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube and over hundreds of games directly on your TV.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

Amazon Fire TV offers features that easily outperform Google’s Chromcast, Apple TV or any other media streaming device in this case. For a feature-rich media streaming device that lets you play games out of the box, Amazon Fire TV is the complete media streaming device. Although the price is a little on the higher end, it completely justifies the price tag.

Notable features: Hundreds of TV episodes, movies, over 500 games, Voice search and many popular online streaming services.

Pricing: $99

Apple TV

For all of you are power users of the iTunes and own Apple devices, Apple TV makes sense in a lot of ways for streaming content to your devices. Apple TV lets you stream your content from iTunes directly to your TV. Even locally stored content streaming is something in Apple TV that you wouldn’t find in Google Chromecast. Apple TV also lets you rent from a huge catalogue of movies and shows directly from Apple iTunes.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

Apple TV definitely makes more sense for users based on Apple devices and have a lot of their content on iTunes. Apple TV’s Airplay lets you play games directly from your iPad or iPhone on your TV.

Notable features
: Wide range of streaming services, games, streaming locally stored files, Easy to set-up with an HDMI socket.

Pricing: Starting at $69

Samsung Allshare Cast

Samsung Allshare Cast is a media streaming device that would not only let you stream movies and media files from your Smartphone or Tablet, you can also stream presentations directly in a workplace set up. Samsung Allshare cast needs a supported Samsung device, be it in the form of a Galaxy smartphone or tablet.With a standard HDMI cable or a WiFi connection you can choose to stream your media via cables or wireless to your HDTV.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

If you happen to own a Samsung device, Samsung Allshare cast makes sense to own as it is perfectly compatible with their devices. This device also allows you to stream presentations to a TV and makes a perfect fit in workplace environments.

Notable Features: Enjoy HD movies and music on big screen, Perfect fit for workplace environments, Easy to set-up and connect.

Pricing: $79.99

WD TV live

WD TV Live is another great media streaming device alternative developed by Western Digital in their bid to compete in the media streaming industry. This device makes possible for you to stream movies and TV shows via Netflix. Locally stored media files can also be streamed using this device. A dedicated native application that turns your Smartphone into a TV remote is the icing on the cake as far as this device is considered.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

Streaming movies via Netflix is made easy with this device, and you no longer need to jailbreak or root your Chromecast to make it work with personal media files. With the ability to stream locally stored media files out-of-the-box, WD TV Live makes a great case for media streaming devices.

Notable features: Streams locally stored media files, Convert your smartphone into a TV remote, Play recorded or live stream TV shows directly to your TV wirelessly, wide range of supported file formats.

Pricing: $69


PiCast is an open-source alternative to Google Chromecast and all these media streaming devices. What you would be needing to et this working is the $35 Raspberry Pi and a little time configuring it. If you are a technology enthusiast and love going open source, PiCast is a a great free alternative to get your own media streaming device up and running in a few minutes. This device relies on an Ethernet connection, which is far more reliable than a WiFi connection when it comes to streaming media. The project is available on GitHub and is constantly evolving to include more and more features as days go by.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

PiCast is a great open-source alternative to Google Chromecast. If you are excited about the Raspberry Pi scenario, PiCast can get you develop your own version of Google Chromecast. The PiCast is highly functional and supports Android iOS and any other device for that instance, unlike the Chromecast.

Notable features: Stream YouTube movies, Supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, Connects on Ethernet and MicroUSB connection.

: Open-source, requires Raspberry Pi


If you are based in India and are not accessible to a lot of the good stuff in the media streaming industry, TeeWe is your best bet. This media streaming device lets you stream content from YouTube or from your PC or Smartphone directly to your TV. The HDMI dongle fits directly into your TV and connects wirelessly over WiFi to your smartphone or tablet running the TeeWe native application. Available for both Android and iOS, the TeeWee app lets you play locally stored files as well as stream content from YouTube and other online sources. With its desktop apps for Mac OS X and Windows, you can now also stream content from your PC to your TV.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

With support for streaming locally stored files and the availability of a native Smartphone and desktop apps make TeeWe a great choice for people based in India. The cost of this device isn’t too hard on your wallet and you won’t be needed to go through the invite-only crass.

Notable features: Native Smartphone and desktop applications, Plugs directly into HDMI Port or connects wirelessly over WiFi, Full HD (1080p) video streaming.

Pricing: Rs. 1999


Matchstick streaming device was built as an open-platform device and is based on Firefox OS. The device originally started out as a project on Kickstarter and was priced at $12 for the early supporter. Now that the funding period has closed, the retail version of Matchstick would be made available for $25. Matchstick is an HDMI dongle, plugging directly into your TV and the Fling app lets you ‘Fling’ content from your phone to your TV. Once the content is streamed, you can use your mobile phone without interrupting what’s being displayed on your TV.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

Matchstick enters into an industry already crowded by the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple. Its competitive pricing and the open-platform device makes it a good option when compared to Chromecast and other media streaming devices. The device also lets you use your smartphone or tablet once ‘Flinging’ your content to your TV.

Notable features: Open-platform, based on Firefox OS, Plug-and-play HDMI dongle, ‘Fling’ content to your TV.

Pricing: $18 on Kickstarter, $25 on Retail

Roku Streaming Stick

If you are demanding more from your media streaming device and if cost is no barrier, Roku Streaming stick is the best fit for your needs. Although priced a little higher than Google Chromecast and considerably lower than Amazon and Apple devices, Roku Streaming stick has to offer you everything you would need in such a device. The Roku Streaming Stick comes with a dedicated remote and application interface. With over 1200 Roku channels to choose from, this device offers a lot of flexibility for you to stream from.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

Unlike Chromecast, this device comes with a free Android and iOS application to choose from. The device also comes with a WiFi Remote control which wouldn’t be available with Chromecast. With over 1200 channels to stream from, you’ll always have more content right at your fingertips with Roku Streaming stick.

Notable features: WiFi remote control, over 1200 channels to choose from, Native Android and iOS applications, HDMI dongle. 

Pricing: $49.99


AllCast, developed by CloclWorkMod is a free Android and iOS application that lets you stream your photos and videos to your TV using a third-party DLNA receiver. This free app supports Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku Streaming stick, Amazon Fire TV and more devices.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

This app is not a replacement for Chromecast, instead an add-on for it. With this free app, and using Chromecast or any pther DLNA receiver, you can stream your local content to your TV.

Notable features: Stream locally stored media files to your TV using a third-party DLNA receiver.

Pricing: Free Android and iOS application


Cheapcast is a free Android application that lets you stream your locally stored files and YouTube videos to your TV. This app replicates the Chromecast to the best possible extent. After you connect your CheapCast installed tablet or phone to your TV using an HDMI cable, you can stream your YouTube videos to your TV. Although the app is not available officially on the Google Play store, legal versions of this app are available at various Android forums online.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

By almost emulating the Google Chromecast, CheapCast is a free alternative to it. By using a simple free application and an easy installation process, you can easily set-up a connection in under a few minutes.

Notable features: Stream YouTube videos from your smartphone or tablet, With an HDMI adapter and a compatible device, you can stream content to your TV for free.

Pricing: Free Android Application

What are your opinions on these media streaming devices that serves well as Chromecast alternatives? If you have any other device or application that you believe should be mentioned in the list, let us know in comments below.

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