Nov 27, 2014

iTunes Tips: FAQs about Renting Movies from iTunes Store

Most iTunes users like to rent movies from iTunes Store for the rentals are provided with a lower price than the purchases. Although it's convenient enough to rent iTunes movies, you may still encounter some problems during the renting process due to different reasons. Here we've put together some most common problems and solutions you should pay attention to when renting movies from iTunes.
Tools You'll Need to Rent Movies from iTunes Store
You can rent iTunes movies from different platforms, including computer or iOS devices. However, you must make sure the devices you are using support renting movies from iTunes. Below are system requirements for specific tools you should follow:
To rent movies from iTunes on a Mac or PC, you are required to install the version 10 or higher iTunes on the computer. And for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the iOS should be 3.1.3 or later.
2 Ways to Rent Movies from iTunes
As mentioned above, you can rent iTunes movies from either a computer or iOS device. Besides, you can also use Apple TV to rent iTunes movies. Now the following tutorials will show you how to rent movies from iTunes by using different devices.
1. How to Rent iTunes Movies from Computer/iOS
After sign in your iTunes account with Apple ID, you can browse iTunes to find the movie you need to rent. Once you found the rental, click the Rent button to begin downloading the movie to your computer or iOS devices.
2. How to Rent iTunes Movies on Apple TV
To rent iTunes movies with Apple TV, you should firstly log into iTunes Store from Apple TV main menu. You will see the categories of Top Movies, Genius, Genres and Search which you can search movies from. After selecting the rentals, click Rent button to download it to Apple TV. 
Restrictions of iTunes Movie Rentals
Movies we rent from iTunes are protected by Apple's DRM technology. Which means, we are only allowed to watch iTunes rentals on Apple's devices only. Besides, we can't share the rented movies to any platforms nor edit the rentals as freely. Worse still, because of the DRM restriction, any movie file rented from iTunes will automatically disappear from iTunes library after 30 days and 24 hours (in US) or 48 hours (elsewhere) once we started watching it. 
How to Remove DRM Restriction from iTunes Rented Movies
Since DRM has largely limited our rights in using iTunes rentals, some iTunes DRM solutions appeared to help us get rid of the DRM protection from iTunes rentals. Here you can try TunesKit iTunes DRM Removerfor Mac, a top-leading iTunes DRM removal app to bypass DRM lock from iTunes rented movies and convert the rentals to MP4 format with nearly 100% quality preserved.

If you need to remove iTunes DRM on Windows OS, you should use TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter for Windows.

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