Dec 4, 2014

Transfer iTunes DRM Movies to Amazon Kindle Fire with iTunes to Kindle Fire Converter

Q: I bought a new Kindle Fire HDX to replace my old iPad. However, it won’t allow me to transfer movies I purchased from iTunes to Kindle Fire for playback by alerting me that the format is not supported. Did I miss something? How could it be possible for me to import iTunes movies to Kindle Fire HDX? Anything like iTunes to Kindle Fire Video Converter could get it done?

Why Can’t Amazon Kindle Fire Play iTunes Movies

It’s frustrated to find out that iTunes movies can’t play fine on Kindle Fire devices. To figure it out, we need to know better about the movie files sold from iTunes Store. Generally speaking, all video files, including movies, TV shows and music videos on iTunes are protected MPEG-4, also known as M4V files, developed by Apple’s FairPlay DRM technology. Since the DRM-locked M4V format is recognized by Apple’s devices only instead of Amazon Kindle Fire and any other non-Apple players, we can’t watch iTunes M4V movies on Kindle Fire directly.

Any Way to Transfer iTunes Movies to Kindle Fire for Playback?

You won’t need to be upset if you had the trouble in putting protected iTunes movies to Kindle Fire. Fortunately, there are several ways to transfer iTunes DRM M4V movies to Kindle Fire. Among them, the easiest yet most effective way is to use iTunes to Kindle Fire Video Converter, like TunesKit for Mac, to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert the DRM-ed M4V to MP4 format supported by Kindle Fire.

Guide on How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to Kindle Fire/HD/HDX

TunesKit provides two versions – TunesKit for Mac and TunesKit iTunes to Kindle FireConverter for Windows to help you convert iTunes DRM M4V movies to Kindle Fire supported MP4 format. Here we’ll take the Mac version for example to show you the steps to import iTunes M4V movies to Kindle Fire series by converting the movies to unprotected MP4 format.

1.   Add iTunes Movies/TV Show to TunesKit iTunes M4V Converter. You can do that by either clicking the “Add Files” button in the program or directly dragging and dropping the iTunes DRM video files to the software.

2.   Start to Remove DRM & Convert iTunes M4V to Kindle Fire. After loading the movies and TV shows from iTunes library, you can click “Convert” button to begin converting the DRM iTunes M4V videos to Kindle Fire MP4. Before that, you are allowed to customize the output settings like audio tracks, subtitles, output folder for the upcoming videos.

3.   Sync iTunes Movies to Kindle Fire. Once the conversion finishes, you may find the converted DRM-free iTunes movies and stream them into your Kindle Fire for watching via USB cable.

More About Kindle Fire Family – Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle Fire, announced on September 28, 2011, is a mini tablet computer version of's Kindle e-book reader originally retailed for US$199. It was then upgrade to the second generation on September 6, 2012 with the price being reduced to $159, RAM upgraded to 1 GB and processor clock speed upgraded to 1.2 GHz. A more powerful and video-friendly version, the Kindle Fire HD (7 and 8.9 inch versions) were also made available, initially priced at $199 and $299. On September 25, 2013, the new 7-inch and 8.99-inch versions of Kindle Fire HDX was introduced at $229 and $379 respectively with a new graphics engine, double the memory, and triple the processor speed of the previous model.

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