Jan 5, 2015

How to Cast iTunes Movies to TV via Chromecast

What Is Chromecast & How Does Chromecast Work

As a movie lover who likes to watch movies on TV or home theater systems, you should be familiar with Chromecast, a media player device developed by Google to stream movies to watch on TV.

Announced on July 24, 2013, Chromecast is actually a 2.83-inch (72 mm) HDMI dongle which plays audio/video content on a high-definition display by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi  from the Internet, like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Google Play Store or from local smartphones or computers. Users select the media to play using Chromecast-enabled mobile apps and web apps.

Can I Stream Movies from iTunes to Chromecast?

Because of its easy-to-use feature in streaming movies, Chromecast has been popular among movie addicts. But for iTunes users, it’s not an easy job to stream movies from iTunes library to Chromecast due to the DRM protection encrypted on iTunes movies and TV shows.
You should beware of the fact that all content downloaded in iTunes library are copy protected by FairPlay DRM protection of Apple. It prevents us using the iTunes library content on Chromecast and other devices except Apple's. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t stream iTunes movies to Chromecast at all. Luckily, we still get chances to stream iTunes movies and TV episodes to Chromecast if we can bypass the DRM protection from iTunes videos.

In this case, we will need TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover for Mac to help us. It is the best and fastest iTunes DRM removal tool currently to remove the DRM restriction from iTunes purchased and rented movies and TV shows by converting the DRM-ed iTunes M4V files to DRM-free MP4 format with 20x faster speed and 100% original quality preserved. Besides, it will keep all the subtitles and 5.1 Dolby audio in the converted video files before you streaming them into Chromecast.

Guide: Remove iTunes DRM & Stream iTunes Media to Chromecast

Now you may download TunesKit iTunes to Chromecast Video Converter and then follow the tutorial below to bypass DRM from iTunes movies with TunesKit for Mac thus to stream the iTunes movies to Chromecast for watching.

Part 1. How to Strip DRM off Protected iTunes Movies and TV Shows

Step 1. Add iTunes movies and TV shows to TunesKit by clicking “Add Files” button in the program. If you are storing the iTunes movies on an external hard drive, you can simply add the movies by directly dragging and dropping.

Step 2. Click "Convert" button to start removing DRM protection from iTunes movies and TV shows. You can also preset the audio tracks, subtitles before the M4V to MP4 conversion by highlighting the movie and clicking the "Settings" icon to adjust the parameters.

Part 2. How to Sync iTunes to Chromecast & Stream iTunes Movies to Chromecast

Once the DRM is removed from iTunes movies successfully, you can follow the instructions here to begin streaming iTunes movies to Chromecast on Mac for watching on TV.

Step 1. Plug Chromecast into your TV set via the HDMI connection. After plugging in correctly, you have to power it by a USB cable.

Step 2. Keep the Chromecast and your Mac computer in the same WIFI. Connect both Chromecast and the Mac computer in the same WIFI and find the Chromecast on your Mac computer.

Step 3. Stream the converted iTunes movies to Chromecast. Now your Mac computer works like a remote controller. You can find the converted iTunes movies and play it via the Chromecast now.

Tips: For more details about Chromecast and how to stream iTunes movies to TV via Chromecast, you can find the source page here: http://www.tuneskit.com/drm-m4v-to-media-players/stream-itunes-movies-to-chromecast.html

Or you may refer to the intuitive video tutorial on how to stream iTunes videos to Chromecast for Play on TV.

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