Apr 10, 2017

How to Sync Your iTunes Movies with Galaxy S8/S8 Edge?

Recently, Samgsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled the Galaxy S8 with prices starting at $720, comes in two sizes at 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches, with bezel-less and curved screen. Galaxy S8/S8 Edge seems to rapid win the hearts and minds of consumers because of their new outstanding new features.

Perhaps you've gotten tired of your old iPhone and just got the new Galaxy S8/S8 Edge and want to watch iTunes and movies on Galaxy S8/S8 Edge handset. What a pity, you will finally find it can’t directly stream your iTunes movies to your Samgsung S8/S8 Edge. Speaking about this, you may wonder why?

Why you can't watch iTunes movies or shows on Samgsung S8/S8 Edge?

Cause 1: Movies and shows from iTunes are protected by DRM

DRM is an encryption technology created by Apple to encode videos sold from iTunes Store. Thus all movies and TV shows bought or rented from iTunes are encrypted with DRM and restricted to be played on Apple's software or devices only.

Cause 2: Samgsung S8/S8 Edge can't support the format of iTunes movies

You may easily notice that iTunes movies or TV shows are all in M4V format which is a restricted format to non-Apple devices. You can only watch iTunes movies or TV shows with M4V format on your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV but Samgsung S8/S8 Edge or other android devices. 

That means you can never enjoy your iTunes movies on Samgsung S8/S8 Edge? Absolutely not!

Best solution - TunesKit iTunes Movies to Galaxy S8 Converter

TunesKit Video Converter is the ideal choice. You can use it to remove DRM protection from iTunes M4V via simply a click. Meanwhile, it can easily convert iTunes DRM protected M4V movie to Galaxy S8 compatible formats MP4 with standard original high quality preserved .This iTunes Converter for Galaxy S8 has improved with time and has built in various output profiles for iPhones, iPad, iPod, Samsung galaxy series, Apple TV, Amazon kindle fire, PSP, Google Nexus, Xbox One as well as blackberry. This makes it possible for you to watch the converted video on any device at your will.

TunesKit iTunes to Samgsung S8 video Converter provide Windows version and Mac version for its customers. Here is a quick tutorial on convert iTunes M4V movies to Samgsung S8/S8 Edge compatible MP4 files via TunesKit iTunes M4V Converter for Mac.

Step 1: Add iTunes Movies

Launch TunesKit M4V Converter for Mac, and import the iTunes movies you want to convert by clicking the “Add Files” button or directly dragging the movies to the conversion area.

Step 2: Select output format for Samgsuang S8/S8 Edge

Samgsuang S8/S8 Edge supports the MP4 format that is not protected by DRM, you can pick up the output format as "Lossless MP4" format to keep the original high quality image and audio track. TunesKit also Supports batch conversion, you can never worry about you have too many movies to convert.

Step 3: Start converting iTunes M4V to MP4 on Mac

Just click on "Convert" button to begin the conversion and the program will complete the conversion of iTunes M4V movies to MP4 movies in seconds or minutes.

Step 4: Transfer iTunes movies to Samgsung S8/S8 Edge

When the conversion is done, you can connect your Galaxy S8 with Mac through the USB cable(external memory card works the same if you have), then find the converted DRM- free movies on your output folder and stream these iTunes movies to Galaxy S8 without limitation.

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