Dec 19, 2014

Tips to Choose the Best iTunes DRM Removal Tools

If you are trapped by DRM protection of iTunes movies, you may need to get rid of the DRM restriction for good. Thus, it’s important to choose the best iTunes DRM removal software from tons of similar products. Here in the article, we will guide you on how to choose the most suitable iTunes DRM remover for your needs based on several factors that would be taken into consideration when choosing iTunes DRM removers.

1. Performance of iTunes DRM Cracker

Choosing the perfect iTunes DRM removal software is just like choosing the well-fitted shoes. Leaving out the luxury looking, all you need to consider is what it actually does and how comfortable it makes you feel. Improper shoes would turn out to be a waste of money. And so does improper iTunes DRM video converter. Therefore, before purchasing an iTunes video converter, you should ask yourself two simple questions: "What do I need the software to do?" "How well it performs in doing that job?"

Put it specifically, if you are looking for an iTunes DRM removal tool to remove the DRM from both iTunes movie rentals and purchases, you should firstly make sure the program is described to be workable on both types of iTunes movies. With that function equipped, you can then take some time to test how it works based on trial version if possible.

As a friendly reminder, you should beware of the reality that there are only a few iTunes DRM removal programs could bypass FairPlay DRM from both iTunes rented and purchased movies, TV shows and music videos. Most of them only work for the purchases. To remove DRM from iTunes purchase as well as rentals, you may count on TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter.

2. Output Quality of the DRM-ed Movies

Besides the basic performance of the iTunes DRM removal tool, another consideration to take is the output format and video quality it generates. You should keep in mind which video formats you want it to convert to before shopping for such a software. Think the reason why you need a DRM M4V video removal program for iTunes. If you would like to use it to convert your iTunes libraries to unprotected video formats compatible with any mobile devices, you'd better check the output format list through the product page or interface to ensure it contains the one you desire.

Moreover, a successful iTunes video conversion process doesn't guarantee lossless video quality. If you expect a high or even 100% original quality of the output iTunes video files to be preserved, you should probably try it carefully before you buy. Or simply refer to the article here: How toRemove DRM from iTunes Movies without Quality Loss.

3. Ease of Use

Well begun is half done. An easy-to-use program halfs the work with double results. When you buy the iTunes video converter, you will expect it to be handy in the first sight. The most terrible thing is that you paid for a software to solve your problem, but the software itself becomes a big problem. To purchase a DRM removal program for iTunes, be sure it's well designed and easily to be handled. Before installing it on your Mac, you can go to the product website to check out the screenshots and user guides to find out whether it's simple enough to operate or not.

4. Support & Upgrade

You will encounter some problems in using the iTunes DRM video converter, just like your shoes will be worn out someday. At this point, a good after-sale support or maintenance center is required if that happens. Make sure the developer of iTunes DRM converter provides prompt technical support regarding every problem you met while using the program, unless you are confident enough to solve the problems by your own.

The quality of shoes decides how far it will take us to. So does the iTunes video converter. A great iTunes DRM converter tool should come with frequent updates to fix bugs or add new features. So it's necessary to know whether the iTunes DRM M4V removal tool has a regular update plan before you decide to buy it.


It would be an easy task for you to choose the best iTunes DRM removal software with all the factors considered. Don't forget to try the program before purchasing to ensure it's the right one to meet your requirements in converting DRM-ed iTunes movies. Either in choosing a good iTunes video converter or any other video converter program, bear in mind: There is no "perfect", but only "proper".

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