Dec 30, 2014

Best Tool to Remove DRM Lock from iTunes Movies & Episodes

When you find it’s impossible to transfer a purchased movie to certain devices, or you are hardly to edit a paid video or audio, you are probably restricted by Digital Rights Managements, which is commonly known as DRM.

Generally speaking, DRM is a technology adopted by digital media sellers to control the way customers using those files after sale. Among them, the most popular one is called FairPlay DRM which used on iTunes movies and TV shows by Apple to prevent users from copying and transferring those media files to non-Apple devices even after they legally purchased the movies.

So in order to get the full ownership of those iTunes purchases, people are looking for an effective way to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows. Although there are various tools developed to strip iTunes DRM, only few of them could perform as great as advertised in removing DRM protection from iTunes videos.

In this article, we are going to introduce you the best DRM removal tool to get rid of DRM from both iTunes movie purchases and rentals with ease, while showing you how to use this tool to remove DRM from protected iTunes movies step by step.

Best iTunes DRM Removal Tools for Mac & Windows

The magic iTunes DRM remover is called TunesKit iTunes DRM VideoConverter for Mac which can not only remove DRM protection from iTunes movie rentals and purchases, but also convert the protected iTunes movies and TV episodes to unprotected MP4 format with lossless video quality and original Dolby 5.1 AC3 audio tracks and subtitles. Unlike other similar programs, this DRM tool is the fastest iTunes video converter to convert DRM-ed iTunes videos at 20x faster speed. To remove iTunes DRM on Windows OS, you are suggested to use TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover for Windows.

Now, we will take TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover for Mac as an example to guide you on DRM removal for iTunes movies and TV shows on Mac OS X.

Please note, this iTunes DRM Video Converter for Mac only works on Mac OS X 10.8 or later with the latest iTunes version installed.

Strip DRM Off iTunes Movies/Episodes with TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover

1. Import protected iTunes movies and TV shows to TunesKit. You can add the DRM-ed iTunes video files to the program either by clicking “Add Files” button or by directly dragging and dropping the movies.

2. Customize output settings. It allows you to choose the output path and output audio tracks and subtitles before removing the DRM. You can adjust the parameters by clicking “Settings” icon listed in the program.

3. Start to remove DRM and convert iTunes movies. Once all the settings are done, you are supposed to begin removing DRM from iTunes movies and converting the video files to DRM-free MP4 by clicking on “Convert” button.

More Tips for DRM Removal
  • If you don’t require much for the conversion speed and output quality, you can turn to some free iTunes DRM removal tools, such as Requiem to strip DRM off iTunes movies and TV series
  • If you are looking for the best DRM removal tools to remove DRM protection from other resources other than iTunes, you can refer to these bestDRM remover for Mac & Windows to get some hints.

Dec 25, 2014

Remove DRM Protection from iTunes 12 with TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover

As the top-leading software developer, TunesKit studio recently made the statement that its iTunes Video Converter is expected to work fine with the latest iTunes 12 on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or Windows OS.

Although it has been a while after the iTunes 12 was made available for upgrading, many existing TunesKit users are still hesitated for the installation of iTunes 12 since they are not sure whether the current version of TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover for Mac and TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover for Windows supports iTunes 12 or not. 

Actually back to July when the iTunes 12 beta was firstly introduced to the world. TunesKit studio has began the testing on removing DRM from protected movies on the beta version of iTunes 12. After repeated hard work, the TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter has been proved to be fully compatible with iTunes 12 on Mac OS X and Windows computers. That's to say, with the current iTunes DRM Remover, iTunes customers are able to easily remove DRM protection from iTunes 12.

This program was made easy enough for any user to operate. It will take only 3 steps to get rid of DRM restriction from iTunes movies and TV shows on iTunes 12  by using TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter. Now you may follow the instruction below to see how it performs.

Once the application is launched, users can add the movies from iTunes library by clicking "Add Files" button or by directly dragging and dropping. Then it requires you to select output folder, audio tracks and subtitles. After that, the conversion could be activated by clicking "Convert" button. It will do the rest work automatically for you.

For more details, please visit the official website of TunesKit:

More About TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter

TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter is a professional iTunes DRM removal tool to help iTunes users convert iTunes DRM'd movies and TV shows to unprotected MP4 format while stripping the DRM off the movies. It's currently the fastest iTunes Video Converter which works at 20x faster speed to remove DRM protection while preserving the original video quality of the movies.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Rentals without Quality Loss

Many of you may need to remove DRM protection from iTunes movie rentals for different reasons, for example:

1.    Movies rented from iTunes are locked by FairPlay DRM so that you can’t directly stream them to non-Apple devices for playback;
2.    iTunes movie rentals come with a solid period of validity which allows you to keep the movies for 30 days only and forces you to finish watching the rentals within 24 hours once you started to watch it.

In fact, there are various ways to crack the DRM from iTunes rentals thus to make them to be playable on any digital media players. However, one thing to note is that not all of them can preserve the original video quality of the iTunes rented movies after removing the DRM. To be honest, only few of them can remove the DRM with lossless quality preserved. Here in this article, we will introduce one of the best iTunes DRM removal software to help you bypass DRM protection from rented iTunes movies losslessly on Mac.

This magic iTunes DRM remover is called TunesKit DRM Video Converter for Mac. It’s a smart yet powerful DRM removal tool for iTunes rentals to remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes movie rentals as well as convert the protected iTunes rented movies to non-protected MP4 format with 100% original HD video quality retained. In addition to lossless video quality, this professional iTunes DRM video converter can also keep the Dolby 5.1 surround audio tracks and subtitles while removing DRM from iTunes rented movie files.

Now you may follow the steps to begin losslessly removing DRM from iTunes movie rentals and converting the rented videos to DRM-free MP4 on Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

Tutorial: Convert DRM iTunes Rentals to MP4 with Lossless Quality

Step 1. Load Rented iTunes Movies from Library

You can either add the iTunes rentals by clicking “Add Files” button in the program or by directly dragging & dropping the iTunes rented movie files to the program.

Step 2. Customize Output Audio Tracks & Subtitles

Click “settings” icon listed behind the movie name to choose the audio tracks and subtitles for the output iTunes movie rentals.

Step 3. Start to Remove DRM from iTunes Rentals Losslessly

Once all the settings are done, you can click “Convert” button to begin removing DRM from iTunes rented videos and converting the DRM-ed M4V rentals to MP4 with original quality kept.

After the DRM removal process, you can find the lossless DRM-free iTunes rentals and transfer them into any non-Apple devices for watching as you like.

Dec 24, 2014

New Android Smartphones to Come in 2015

As the year 2014 has seen the release of various great phones and tablets, you may expect more amazing devices to be launched in the upcoming 2015. The good news is that there are indeed a lot of high-end mobile gadgets will come next year. Here in the following list of the top 5 anticipated Android smartphones of 2015, you can find whether there's anyone that meets your expectation or not.

Top 5. Sony Xperia Z4

Sony is rumored to release its flagship Xperia Z handset the Z4 with a larger 5.5-inch display and a Quad HD resolution to match the current trend of smartphone market in 2015. As from our part, we'd like to see an improved camera interface (which is just too cluttered and complicated now), and a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 on Xperia Z4 to make it a true rival to current flagships.

Top 4. LG G4

Reports say that LG would likely to release its G4 next year which might be the first phone to launch with an in-house LG system chip. Besides, the G4 model is supposed to continue improving on the 5.5" Quad HD display formula with a lower price than its rivals such as Samsung.

Top 3. HTC One M9

Based on reports so far, the HTC One M9 will come with 5.2-inch QHD display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution and powered by Snapdragon 805 chipset. What's more, this smartphone is expected to be fully waterproofed.

Top 2. Samsung Galaxy S6

According to Samsung's official statement, the successor to its Galaxy S5, the S6, is expected to bring some big changes such as adopting the design and premium metal frame of devices like the Galaxy Alpha, being the first Samsung top-shelf Android smartphone to come with a 64-bit chip, or even introducing a 21-megapixel shooter and much more.

Top 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The rumors of the next generation that is Galaxy Note 5 have already been spread widely enough featuring a slightly larger 5.9" display with a massively sharper, Ultra HD resolution. Since it's still subject to change, we would like to expect the Galaxy Note 5 bring some major improvements with a 64-bit system chip, S-pen as well as the multitasking.

More Tips for Android Users: Play iTunes Movies on Android Devices

For Android users who like to buy movies from iTunes Store, you'll find it's difficult to watch iTunes movies on Android devices. That's because all iTunes videos, including the movies, TV shows and music videos are protected by Apple's DRM protection so that you are not allowed to play any iTunes movies on non-Apple devices, such as the Android phones or tablets. But if you need to play your iTunes videos on Android devices, there is also a way out. Some third-party software like TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter will easily help you get rid of the DRM lock from iTunes movies and convert the protected video files to unprotected format that is supported by Android devices. 

Note: For a full list of the best upcoming Android phones and tablets of 2015, you can visit the source page:

Dec 23, 2014

Transfer iTunes Library to External Hard Drive for Backup

If you have a large number of iTunes movie purchases and rentals saved in your iTunes library on a computer, the best way to free up some space on the hard disk is to back up the iTunes library to an external hard drive. Here you will be guided on how to move the whole iTunes library to external drive step by step.

1. Consolidate your iTunes library into one folder

Firstly, please make sure that all of the items including movies, TV shows, music, etc in your iTunes library are in one place. Otherwise, you need to follow the instructions below to consolidate the files by putting copies of all media files used by iTunes in the iTunes Media folder while leaving the original files in their current locations.

Step 1. Open iTunes Preferences > Advanced and select the option to "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library", click OK;

Step 2. Choose File > Library > Organize Library to select "Consolidate files” and click OK to finish.

2. Move iTunes library to external drive

Method (1) Directly copy iTunes Media folder to external hard drive

Step 1. Shut down iTunes and locate your external hard drive on your computer;

Step 2. Find and locate your iTunes Media folder which is saved in different paths due to different OS:

Mac: Finder > username > Music
Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\
Windows Vista: \Users\username\My Music\
Windows 7 or 8: \Users\username\Music\

Step 3. Drag and drop your iTunes folder to external drive directly. The transferring time depends on the number of the files saved in your iTunes folder.

Wait for a while and your iTunes library will be automatically copied to your external drive once the transfer completes.

If you’ve got a lot of movies and TV shows than other media files saved in your iTunes library, you are recommended to use the second method to transfer your iTunes library to external drive.

Method (2) Convert iTunes movies before transferring to external drive

As movies and TV shows purchased from iTunes Store are DRM protected, we are not allowed to copy the files to whatever devices or platforms as we like. In this case, if you are hoping to save iTunes movie files anywhere you want, you can use a smart tool, that is TunesKit, to convert iTunes movies to DRM-free format before moving iTunes library to external drive.

Step 1. Add iTunes movie files to TunesKit. After downloading and installing the program, launch it by double-clicking the icon. Then click “Add Files” button to import movies from iTunes folder to the application. You can also directly drag the videos from the iTunes library folder to the program.

Step 2. Convert DRM’d iTunes movies. Once selected the external hard drive as output folder for the iTunes movies, click “Convert” button to begin converting iTunes movies and TV shows to DRM-free files.

Step 3. Open your external hard drive and you will find the whole iTunes library has been successfully transferred to your external hard drive without any DRM restriction on the movies.

Dec 22, 2014

Why Should We Remove DRM from iTunes Movies & TV Shows

When talking about DRM (Digital Rights Management), most of us may think of iTunes movies and TV shows, for they are all protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM which has largely restricted our full ownership in using the video files even after we legally purchased or rented them from iTunes Store. Here in the following article, we will list top 3 restrictions brought by iTunes movies so as to prove why it’s necessary for us to remove DRM from iTunes movie rentals and purchases while providing you a simple solution to legally get DRM removed from rented and purchased iTunes movies or TV shows.

 Note: If you are not yet familiar with the DRM protection of iTunes movies, you may figure it out from: What is FairPlay DRM& How to Remove FairPlay DRM Protection from iTunes Movies.

1. All Movies on iTunes are Restricted to Play on Apple’s Devices Only

To prevent iTunes customers from copying movies and TV shows from iTunes to other non-Apple-approved devices after buying, Apple adopted the FairPlay DRM protection to encrypt the videos, including rented and purchased movies, TV shows and music videos on iTunes Store. Due to that DRM protection, all iTunes movies are saved in M4V video format which is only recognizable by Apple’s devices or media players only.

In this case, Android or Windows Phone users and any other non-Apple users would be impossible to watch iTunes movies or TV episodes even if they made the legal purchase of the videos. So the unfair playback restriction is the most important cause to force us to get rid of DRM from iTunes movies for good.

2. All iTunes Videos are Prohibited from Sharing and Editing

Apart from the playback restriction caused by iTunes DRM protection, another main reason why we need to remove the DRM is that we are not allowed to share iTunes movies to any platforms beyond Apple’s approval. Because of the DRM copy protection, we can’t edit the purchased iTunes video files even on Apple’s own video editing software like iMovie or Final Cut Pro. We can’t transfer iTunes movie purchases from one account to the other. Undoubtedly, DRM restriction on iTunes movies has made it difficult for us to enjoy the fun of iTunes movies.

3. Rented iTunes Movies are Set to be Expired within 24 or 48 Hours

Restriction caused by DRM becomes tougher for iTunes movie rentals. Except for the ones mentioned above, the unique restriction applied on iTunes movie rentals is that all rented movies and TV shows are only valid for keeping in 30 days while valid for watching within only 24 hours in US and 48 hours in other countries once started. That’s to say, the rentals will disappear from iTunes library once it’s expired and we have to rent it again if we want to continue watching.

Remove DRM Restriction from iTunes Movie Rentals and Purchases

It’s quite clear that the iTunes DRM protection is controlling and restricting us in every aspect of what we can do with the movies we legally purchased or rented from iTunes. Thus it’s an urgent task for us to remove DRM restriction from iTunes videos once and for all. Here we are going to introduce TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover, a professional 3rd-party iTunes DRM removal application for Mac and Windows to help you bypass DRM protection from iTunes movie rentals and purchases with ease.

It’s the smartest integrated iTunes DRM removal tool and video converter which can easily remove DRM from both rented and purchased iTunes movies and TV shows by converting the DRM-ed iTunes M4V videos to unprotected MP4 format with 100% original video quality (even 1080P), 5.1 Dolby surround audio and multi-language subtitles kept.

Quick Solution to Get Rid of 24-hour Limit on iTunes Movie Rentals

Do you like to rent movies from iTunes? Have you ever found the 24-hour time limit of the rental is too short? If so, read on this article to find out a solution to unlock the limitation on iTunes movie rentals for good.

Although it costs less to rent movies from iTunes than purchasing, most people would prefer to choose the latter one when getting movies from iTunes Store. This is because rented movies or TV episodes in iTunes come with a time limit of about 24 hours. That’s to say, if you rent a movie from iTunes, you are allowed to keep the movie for 30 days only. What’s worse, if you started to watch this movie, you are forced to finish watching it within 24 hours.

In fact, all these restrictions are caused by Apple’s FairPlay DRM. By adopting this kind of DRM technology, Apple controls people’s behavior in using the digital content they rent or purchased from iTunes. In this case, movies rentals would automatically disappear from iTunes library once they expire. If it expires when you are just watching half of the movie, you won’t be able to continue watching it unless you rent it again from iTunes.

Is It Possible to Unlock Time Limit on iTunes Rentals

Since the FairPlay doesn’t seem to works fair enough for customers who legally rent movies from iTunes, it’s urgent to seek for an effective way to remove the 24-hour limitation on those movie rentals. Then is there any possibility to get rid of the time limit from iTunes rentals? Fortunately, yes!

Among various methods in unlocking 24-hour time limit of iTunes movie rentals, one of the best and fastest ways is to use some iTunes DRM removal tools, like TunesKit FairPlay DRM Removal for Mac.

It is a DRM removal tool specially developed to bypass DRM lock from iTunes movie rentals. With this mighty iTunes DRM removal program, you can easily get rid of DRM from rented iTunes movies and enjoy the rentals without any limitation as you like.

How to Remove 24-hour Limit from Rented iTunes Movies

Now get the trial version of TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover for Mac for free and follow the steps below to extend time limit on iTunes rented movies.

Step 1. Click "Add Files" button in the program to load iTunes library list where you can select the rented movies from. Click "OK" to import the rentals. You can also import the iTunes rental movies by directly dragging and dropping them into the software.

Step 2. Click "settings" icon in the program to select the subtitles and audio tracks for the output videos. Or it will keep all tracks and subtitle while removing DRM from the rented iTunes movies.

Step 3. Click "Convert" button to start bypassing DRM lock from iTunes movie rentals.

Congratulations! You are now gaining the full ownership of your iTunes rentals to keep them as long as you like without worrying about the expiration any more!

Dec 19, 2014

Tips to Choose the Best iTunes DRM Removal Tools

If you are trapped by DRM protection of iTunes movies, you may need to get rid of the DRM restriction for good. Thus, it’s important to choose the best iTunes DRM removal software from tons of similar products. Here in the article, we will guide you on how to choose the most suitable iTunes DRM remover for your needs based on several factors that would be taken into consideration when choosing iTunes DRM removers.

1. Performance of iTunes DRM Cracker

Choosing the perfect iTunes DRM removal software is just like choosing the well-fitted shoes. Leaving out the luxury looking, all you need to consider is what it actually does and how comfortable it makes you feel. Improper shoes would turn out to be a waste of money. And so does improper iTunes DRM video converter. Therefore, before purchasing an iTunes video converter, you should ask yourself two simple questions: "What do I need the software to do?" "How well it performs in doing that job?"

Put it specifically, if you are looking for an iTunes DRM removal tool to remove the DRM from both iTunes movie rentals and purchases, you should firstly make sure the program is described to be workable on both types of iTunes movies. With that function equipped, you can then take some time to test how it works based on trial version if possible.

As a friendly reminder, you should beware of the reality that there are only a few iTunes DRM removal programs could bypass FairPlay DRM from both iTunes rented and purchased movies, TV shows and music videos. Most of them only work for the purchases. To remove DRM from iTunes purchase as well as rentals, you may count on TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter.

2. Output Quality of the DRM-ed Movies

Besides the basic performance of the iTunes DRM removal tool, another consideration to take is the output format and video quality it generates. You should keep in mind which video formats you want it to convert to before shopping for such a software. Think the reason why you need a DRM M4V video removal program for iTunes. If you would like to use it to convert your iTunes libraries to unprotected video formats compatible with any mobile devices, you'd better check the output format list through the product page or interface to ensure it contains the one you desire.

Moreover, a successful iTunes video conversion process doesn't guarantee lossless video quality. If you expect a high or even 100% original quality of the output iTunes video files to be preserved, you should probably try it carefully before you buy. Or simply refer to the article here: How toRemove DRM from iTunes Movies without Quality Loss.

3. Ease of Use

Well begun is half done. An easy-to-use program halfs the work with double results. When you buy the iTunes video converter, you will expect it to be handy in the first sight. The most terrible thing is that you paid for a software to solve your problem, but the software itself becomes a big problem. To purchase a DRM removal program for iTunes, be sure it's well designed and easily to be handled. Before installing it on your Mac, you can go to the product website to check out the screenshots and user guides to find out whether it's simple enough to operate or not.

4. Support & Upgrade

You will encounter some problems in using the iTunes DRM video converter, just like your shoes will be worn out someday. At this point, a good after-sale support or maintenance center is required if that happens. Make sure the developer of iTunes DRM converter provides prompt technical support regarding every problem you met while using the program, unless you are confident enough to solve the problems by your own.

The quality of shoes decides how far it will take us to. So does the iTunes video converter. A great iTunes DRM converter tool should come with frequent updates to fix bugs or add new features. So it's necessary to know whether the iTunes DRM M4V removal tool has a regular update plan before you decide to buy it.


It would be an easy task for you to choose the best iTunes DRM removal software with all the factors considered. Don't forget to try the program before purchasing to ensure it's the right one to meet your requirements in converting DRM-ed iTunes movies. Either in choosing a good iTunes video converter or any other video converter program, bear in mind: There is no "perfect", but only "proper".

Dec 18, 2014

Best Smartphones of 2014 - iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M8, and More

2014 is coming to an end. Like usual, we're going to sum up the whole year as well as make plan for the next year. Here we will focus on the mobile technology of 2014 so as to show you the top 5 best smartphones came out in 2014 that you can't miss.

Tips: For a full list of the best smartphones as well as best tablets of 2014, you can visit the source page:

No. 1 Apple iPhone 6

The year 2014 could be an important milestone for Apple since it finally succumbed to the trend of large screen smartphones and launched two iPhones including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. According to the worldwide sales, the iPhone 6 is better than Plus. Besides, it seems to be more popular due to the easy-to-handle feature. And yes, with an amazing display, optimized wireless speed, better camera, up to 128GB storage, the iPhone 6 is undeniably the best all-around smartphone of 2014.

No. 2 HTC One M8

As the most impressive handset made by HTC, the One M8 might be the big-budget sequel to an Oscar-winning indie film. Equipped with Android KitKat, Dual 4MP camera, refined software experience and speedy performance, HTC One M8 is an excellent smartphone choice for anyone.

No. 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Although Samsung shows the worst financial performance in 2014 within the recent three years, the Galaxy Note 4 still impressed on many fronts, like the 5.7' Super AMOLED screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip, S-pen and fast charging feature. It could be the best option for those who like fast phone with a large screen.

No. 4 LG G3

LG's G3 has challenged its Korean rival Samsung by outdoing its Galaxy S5 three times in the initial launch period with a new HD resolution display, laser-guided autofocus camera and a removable battery. All points put it onto the top list of best smartphones of 2014.

No. 5 Sony Xperia Z3

As the only smartphone on this list comes with an IP68 waterproof certification, Sony Xperia Z3 packs great battery life, brilliant display and beautiful design. It's a great phone to buy for camera enthusiasts since it brings an improved camera of 20.7 megapixels.

Dec 17, 2014

How to Download and Convert 1080P iTunes HD Movies to MP4

I downloaded some 1080p HD episodes from iTunes that I would like to play on my HDTV. But it didn’t allow me to stream the movies to my TV via USB driver. Any workaround?

From iTunes 10.6, we were able to purchase 1080p HD movies and TV shows from iTunes Store. Due to the higher resolution and better image quality, the 1080p HD videos have become the top priority over the 720p and SD versions for most iTunes customers when buying movies and TV shows from iTunes. It could definitely be a fantastic experience to enjoy the 1080p HD movies on HD-supported devices. However, it has never been an easy job to put the 1080p iTunes movies to most of the HD video playing devices because of Apple’s FairPlay DRM.

As you might have noticed, due to Apple’s DRM technology, all iTunes movies, including the 1080p HD ones are “Protected M4V” files recognized by Apple’s devices only. So if you want to watch iTunes 1080p HD movies and TV shows on non-Apple players, like Android or Windows phones or tablets, you’ll need to get rid of the DRM protection and convert the protected 1080p HD M4V movies to MP4 or other non-DRM formats supported by most HD playing devices.

Convert DRM’d 1080p HD iTunes M4V Movies to MP4 with TunesKit

TunesKitiTunes M4V to MP4 Video Converter for Mac recommended here is going to help you remove DRM lock from any iTunes HD movie file in 1080p while converting the 1080p M4V movie to unprotected MP4 format supported by most HD devices in the market. The best part of this iTunes DRM video converter is that it will keep nearly 100% video quality of the original 1080p HD movies after removing the DRM protection. That is to say, you will be freely to enjoy the DRM-free 1080p HD iTunes movies on any MP4 player as you wish.

Besides, TunesKitiTunes HD Video Converter for Windows is the best alternative for you to convert 1080p HD M4V to MP4 on Windows OS.

Add 1080p HD movies. After launching TunesKit iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter, you can either click "Add Files" button to select the HD movies from iTunes library or add the1080p iTunes HD movies by dragging and dropping them into the program.

Adjust output settings. You are allowed to choose the file folder, audio tracks and subtitles for the output movies before conversion.

Convert iTunes HD M4V movies to MP4. Once all the settings are OK, you may begin to remove DRM and convert the HD iTunes movies to MP4 by clicking "Convert" button.

Wait for a while till the conversion is done. You can then copy and transfer the converted non-protected iTunes1080p HD movies and TV shows to any HD devices for watching whenever you want.

Tips to Download 1080p HD Movies from iTunes

One thing you should notice is that the default download for iTunes HD movies was set as 720p. So if you want to download and purchase 1080p HD movies from iTunes, you'll have to change the local preference setting in iTunes shown below.

To set 1080p as default HD download on iTunes, you simply need to open iTunes and go to Preferences > Store and choose 1080p for the submenu "When downloading high definition videos, prefer...".

Please note that to purchase or rent 1080p HD content from the iTunes Store, you must have the latest version of iTunes installed on a computer with hardware configurations support 1080p HD playback.

Dec 16, 2014

How Can I Play iTunes Movies & TV Shows on Panasonic Viera TV

Featuring superb full HD picture quality and high performance engine, Panasonic Viera TV has become one of the best options for us to watch HD movies. It enables us to enjoy amazing visual effects of any HD movies by streaming them from Internet or local network as we wish. However, when it comes to iTunes movies, it seems no easy to stream those movies from iTunes to Panasonic Viera TV for watching for iTunes movies are restricted by DRM protection and tied to be played on Apple’s devices only. In this situation, the only way to stream iTunes movies to Panasonic TV is to remove the DRM lock from the iTunes movies at first place.

In this article, I will share my own experience to help you to bypass DRM protection and stream iTunes movies to Viera TV step by step.

Best Solution to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies & Stream to Panasonic TV

As you may know, Panasonic Viera TV is described from the official website to play videos in MP4 format via USB port. But movies downloaded from iTunes are encoded in “Protected M4V” format which are incompatible with Panasonic Viera TV. So in order to play iTunes movies on Viera TV, we must find a way to convert the DRM-ed iTunes M4V files to Panasonic TV supported MP4 format while removing the DRM from iTunes movies.

In this case, I’d like to recommend TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter to you. It’s one of the fastest iTunes M4V Video Converter which can not only get rid of DRM protection from any iTunes movies and TV shows, but also convert the protected M4V format to MP4 with 100% original video quality, 5.1 Dolby surround audio, subtitles preserved.

Tutorial: Convert and Stream iTunes Movies to Panasonic Viera TV

You may download either Mac or Windows version of the program according to your system requirements. Here let’s take TunesKit iTunes Video Converter for Mac as an example to walk you through the process in converting and streaming iTunes movies to Panasonic Viera TV for playback.

1. Add Protected M4V Movies from iTunes Library

You can add iTunes movies and TV shows to TunesKit either by clicking “Add Files” button in the program to select the movies you want to stream to Panasonic TV or by directly dragging and dropping the iTunes movies into the converter.

2. Remove DRM and Convert iTunes M4V Movies to MP4 for Viera TV

Once the movies loaded successfully, you may choose the output settings, including subtitles, audio tracks for the output video files. Then you can start to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert the M4V to MP4 by clicking “Convert” button.

3. Stream Converted iTunes Movies to Panasonic Viera TV via USB

After the conversion, you can find the converted iTunes movies to save them into USB and begin streaming to Panasonic TV for watching.

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Best of iTunes: Apple Announced Best Movies & TV Shows of 2014

Before the year 2014 is coming to an end, Apple just announced the "Best of iTunes" by listing the top downloads of hot movies and TV shows released in 2014. Now give a brief look at the best names from the following top list of best iTunes movies and TV shows of 2014, including the bestselling, best director, best performances, etc.

1. Bestselling Movie of 2014 - Frozen

As an Oscar winning film produced and released by Disney, this 3D-animated movie Frozen has dominated the 2014 iTunes downloads, becoming iTunes' best-selling movie ever. Inspired by the fairy tale The Snow Queen, Frozen tells the story of a princess (Elsa) with the power to turn things into ice curses her kingdom in infinite winter, while her sister Anna teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to change the weather condition.

2. Best Blockbuster - Guardians of the Galaxy

Based on Marvel Comics of the same name, Guardians of the Galaxy mainly focuses on a group of space criminals who must work together to stop the fanatical villain Ronan the Accuser from destroying the galaxy.

3. Best Family Movie - The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie is an American-Australian-Danish computer animated adventure comedy film based on the Lego line of construction toys, telling the story of Emmet, an ordinary Lego minifigure prophesied to save the universe from the tyrannical Lord Business.

4. TV Show of the Year - Fargo

Fargo is based on the 1996 film of the same name, mainly unveils a story of a drifter named Lorne Malvo arrives in small-town Minnesota and influences the population with his malice and violence, including put-upon insurance salesman Lester Nygaard.

5. Bestselling TV Episodes - Game of the Thrones

As an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Firet's, Game of Thrones is the depiction of two powerful families - kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men - playing a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and to sit atop the Iron Throne.

For the complete list of the best movies & TV shows in iTunes Store for the year 2014, please visit the source page:

More Tips You Should Know about iTunes Movies & TV Shows

Although iTunes has made it easy for us to find any popular movies and TV series in the store, it also applies some restrictions for us to enjoy the videos after purchase. As you may know, due to the FairPlay DRM policy, all video files, including movies, TV shows and music videos downloaded from iTunes Store are not allowed to be played on non-Apple devices. In this case, we'll need to get rid of the DRM lock from those iTunes movies if we want to watch them on Android, Windows or other mobile devices. If that's your case too, you may look into 
TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter, which is dedicated to bypassing DRM protection from iTunes movies and TV shows while converting the locked M4V format to common MP4 with original video quality preserved.

Dec 15, 2014

Guide on Streaming iTunes Movies via Plex Media Server to TV

What is Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server is the back-end media server component of Plex, which is closed source as proprietary software. It can be configured to index content in any directory on the machine it is run on, as well as automatically acquiring iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture content. In addition, it integrated channels that provide the user with a growing list of community-driven plugins for online content including YouTube, Vimeo, TEDTalks, Hulu, Netflix, and CNN video.

Why Can’t We Play iTunes Movies on Plex Media Server

Since more and more people began to use Plex Media Server, the problems came out one by one. The most common one is that some users are not able to watch movies from iTunes via Plex Media Server. Before looking for a solution, you need to figure out the reason why we can’t directly play iTunes movies on Plex. That is because movies and TV shows rented or purchased from iTunes are locked by Apple’s FairPlay DRM protection which doesn’t allow us to directly stream or play iTunes content on any non-Apple software or devices. Those video files are encrypted in M4V format which is not supported by Plex Media Server.  Therefore, in order to stream and watch the protected iTunes M4V movies with Plex Media Server, you must remove DRM protection from iTunes M4V files first, and then convert these movies to Plex Media Server compatible media formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, etc.

Best Solution to Enable iTunes DRM Videos Playable on Plex Media Server

To accomplish that task, what you need is a powerful iTunes DRM removal and video converter tool like TunesKit DRM Video Converter for Mac. It can not only remove DRM protection legally from iTunes movies, but also convert the protected M4V movies to Plex Media Server supported MP4 formats at 20x fast speed. With this iTunes DRM Video Converter, you can easily stream any HD iTunes movie rentals and purchases via Plex and watch the DRM-free iTunes movies on any devices as you like. 

Steps to Stream and Watch Videos from iTunes with Plex Media Server

After download and install TunesKit FairPlay DRM Video Converter on your computer running Mac OS X 10.8 or later, open it by double clicking the program icon.

Step 1. Click "Add Files" button to import DRM protected iTunes M4V movies to TunesKit DRM Video Converter. Or you can also drag and drop the M4V movies from iTunes library to the program directly.

Step 2. Click "Convert" button to start converting iTunes M4V to Plex Media Server compatible MP4.

Step 3. After iTunes M4V to Plex Media Server conversion, find the DRM-free iTunes MP4 videos and transfer them to Plex Media Server for watching.

For Windows users, TunesKit iTunes DRM Media Converter for Windows is a great choice to strip DRM off from iTunes movies and TV shows.

How to Convert iTunes DRM Movies with AC3 5.1 Audio Kept

5.1 audio, also known as AC3 audio or Dolby Digital, is a surround sound commonly used in both commercial cinemas and home theaters to present us amazing sound effects while watching movies. Currently, most movies sold online come with Dolby 5.1 surround audio track, like the ones in iTunes Store. However, if you bought movies with AC3 5.1 audio from iTunes, you are likely to encounter problems when you attempt to transferring the iTunes movies to certain media players or home theater system for watching, like the following one:

“I purchased some movies with Dolby 5.1 audio track from iTunes. But due to Apple’s FairPlay DRM, I just can’t directly get them to play on VLC. So I removed the DRM with some exclusive iTunes DRM remover. However, when I tried to watch the converted videos with VLC, I found the AC3 5.1 surround sound of the original videos lost and I can’t choose it in VLC for playing. My question is whether there is any tool that could convert the DRM-ed iTunes videos to unprotected format while keeping the AC3 Dolby 5.1 audio?”

If you are facing the same problem and looking for a work-around to retain 5.1 surround sound for iTunes movies, keep reading.

As you may know, all iTunes movies and TV episodes with 5.1 audio track are locked by Apple’s FairPlay DRM protection, in which way they are not allowed to be directly played or transferred to any digital media players other than Apple’s. In this case, you will need to remove the DRM from iTunes movies with iTunes DRM removal software thus to watch the DRM-free movies with AC3 5.1 audio on any devices you like.

How to Retain Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound While Converting iTunes Movies

In a matter of fact, there are multiple iTunes DRM removing tools could get rid of iTunes DRM lock and convert the DRM-ed movies to unprotected video files, but few of them would preserve the original Dolby 5.1 surround audio after conversion. There is an exception though. This integrated iTunes DRM removal and video converter tool is called TunesKit iTunes DRMConverter for Mac. It’s specially developed to help iTunes users retain AC3 5.1 surround audio while stripping DRM protection from iTunes movie rentals or purchases and converting the DRM-ed M4V to non-DRM MP4 format. Once converted, you can transfer the lossless DRM-free iTunes movies with 5.1 audio track to any portable devices for playback.

After download and install the mighty iTunes DRM removal program on your Mac, simply follow the 3 steps below to get AC3 5.1 audio from iTunes videos by removing DRM protection with TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover for Mac.

Keep 5.1 Audio for iTunes DRM Videos in 3 Steps

1. Add iTunes video files from library to TunesKit by clicking “Add Files” button;

2. Once all the iTunes movies are imported, click the "settings" icon in the movie list and choose the AC3 5.1 as output audio track;

3. Click "Convert" button to start removing DRM and converting iTunes M4V to MP4 with 5.1 surround sound kept;

After conversion, you can go to the output folder to find the converted DRM-free iTunes videos with 5.1 audio tracks and stream them to any media player for watching.