Jan 27, 2015

Apple Released New Section "Free on iTunes" for Free Music and TV Shows

Following the removing of “Single of the Week” on its iTunes Store, Apple recently created a new section on called "Free on iTunes" which provides free music and full-length TV shows for iTunes users to download from. Unlike the old "Free on iTunes" which has been existing for years without much fanfare, this new version seems to offer hot songs and TV episodes every week to attract more new customers of iTunes.

The steps to download those free iTunes media content is easy. Here we will show you the complete guide on how to get free full-length TV shows from iTunes step by step.

1. Launch iTunes application on your Mac or PC. 
2. Click "Music" icon > "iTunes Store" on the top of iTunes interface.
3. Pull down to the middle of the Music page to find the section called "Free on iTunes".
4. Click "Free on iTunes" to enter the section and you will find a full list of the free songs and TV shows on iTunes which you can click to view more details.
5. Choose the free iTunes TV episode that you want to download and click the "Get HD" icon behind the TV show to start downloading the video file immediately.

Now you should wait until the iTunes TV episode was downloaded successfully to your computer.

More iTunes Tips: Remove DRM from iTunes TV Shows

As Apple has protected the iTunes TV shows, including the free ones with its FairPlay DRM technology, you should know that you can't watch those iTunes TV episodes on non-Apple devices or players. But don't worry. Here you can use a third-party iTunes DRM removal software like TunesKit iTunes DRM VideoConverter to get rid of the DRM protection from those iTunes TV shows before importing them into non-Apple devices for watching. For more details about this iTunes DRM remover as well as the guide on how to remove DRM from iTunes TV shows with TunesKit, you can simply follow this tutorial: Guide on Removing DRM from Protected iTunes Movies on Mac.

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