May 29, 2016

Microsoft Reportedly to Unveil Xbox TV Devices At E3

A new rumor swirling on the Web claims that Microsoft could unwrap the hotly anticipated Xbox TV at this year’s E3.

E3 is fast approaching and everyone is practically waiting for this year’s selection of the latest gadgets and electronics. Contributors to E3 range from big-time companies to startups, and people can’t help but speculate what they all have in store for this year’s tech enthusiasts. Take Microsoft for instance, which has been known to unveil excellent creations in E3.

A new report from The Verge now says that Petri’s Brad Sams revealed during an online podcast on May 25 that Microsoft is geared to announce “at least two streaming devices at E3,” including the Xbox TV.

To be fair, this rumor has been going around for quite a while now, but this time, The Verge’s report seems to be more certain of the device's debut.

The report shares that the Xbox TV will make it possible to stream videos to your television. It is believed that this device has the capacity to stream not only videos but music and Xbox games as well — this new device for the living room should be able to do them all.

Ideally, this isn’t limited to just one television in the house but ALL of them. Imagine being able to stream your games in practically any part of the house, allowing you and your friends to move around depending on what’s comfortable for you.

The idea isn’t that far-fetched, considering how Microsoft already did the same thing with its Windows 10 PC. The company’s Research and Development team could have simply expanded the streaming technology to include televisions. Of course, some limitations are expected here. A possibility exists that the Xbox TV couldn’t stream to all types of TV — perhaps only to the new models with certain specifications.

Another Rumored Release

A game streaming stick, which is said to be a Chromecast-style device, is also said to be ready for release in E3, again from Microsoft. Rumors have it that this one will sell for roughly $100. However, there are also those saying only one of these two devices would actually be unveiled in E3.

What’s The Price For Xbox TV?

If the new rumor holds true, the Xbox TV will be available for roughly $150 or at least somewhere around that ballpark figure.

Of course, Microsoft is not the only company to unveil something new in the market. There are also reports of something big from Sony.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference is slated to take place on June 13.

In April, Tech Times also reported that Microsoft could unveil a new Xbox One controller plus other hardware at E3.

For now, it is advisable to file this story under the rumor category.


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