May 27, 2017

3 Best Ways to Listen to Audiobooks on Mobile Device

Audiobooks offer us another way to give our eyes and mind to other things, as we can listen to the latest bestseller to get through our daily commute, devour a non-fiction piece while doing the dishes, or even we can check out the latest biography during a daily workout. Audiobooks enrich our daily life, and we all want to carry our whole audiobooks libraries around with us. Mobile device is commonly regarded as the inseparable for most of us which can help us deal with our basic necessities. So, how to listen to audiobooks on mobile device can be an interesting topic.

Thanks to the various audiobooks providers, we get the access to obtain all kinds of audio books, including the world-class literature resources from the app or website. How many ways to obtain them? Dozens, it is simply depended on the quality you desire and the amount you're willing to spend.

Audible Application 

$14.95 per month subscription

Support systems: Both of Android and iOS

Audible) remains the powerhouse in the audiobooks field, with more than 150,000 professionally voiced audio books. Audible's audiobook player offers solid playback features, with chapter navigation, bookmarks, a sleep mode, variable playback speed and multitasking support for background playback and downloading. Its increasing integration with Amazon's Kindle system is reaping added benefits for its users, as Kindle users can pay a small fee to upgrade a Kindle ebook with an Audible audiobook; Amazon's Whispersync allows users to switch between audiobook and text near-seamlessly. You can even have Amazon's Alexa pull up your audiobooks from Audible to be read through an Echo, Tap or Echo Dot.

However, audio books from Audible are protected by DRM, and you're restricted from using non-Audible apps or downloading the file to too many devices at once.If you want to break this restriction forever, TunesKit Audible Converter can be a perfect one-stop solution for you. With this profession Audible DRM removal, you can easily remove the restriction from DRM-locked Audible audibooks and transfer the AA or AAX files to MP3 or other plain audio formats. Then converted files can be played in any devices or players as you like.


Price: Free trial for 60 days, after that, $ 3.99 USD for unlimited number of audiobooks.

Support systems: iOS

If you are looking for some apps to offer you DRM-free audiobooks, Bookmobile can be an ideal choice which is specially designed for iOS users. Apart from supporting DRM-free audio contents, this app also supports the DRM-protected audio tracks from iTunes and Audible. The app allows users to play and manage audio content from a wide range of sources: iTunes,,, CDs, public library downloads, RSS feeds, Dropbox, and etc. Extra features include a custom bookmarking feature that can automatically remember where you last stopped, playback speed controls, and AirPlay support. The free trial lasts for 60 days and allows you to import three audiobooks. 

Audiobooks Now

Price: You can buy audiobooks individually from the in-app marketplace, or join in their club plan which comes with a 30 day free trial and is $5/month thereafter, offers you 50% off the first audiobook you purchase each month and 35-40% off everything else you purchase.

Support systems: Both of Android and iOS

Audiobooks Now offers an integrated market and audiobook player with a library of more than 80,000 bestsellers and classics. Users can stream audiobooks for on-demand listening, or download titles to read them on the go. The app comes with bookmarking and playback controls, incoming call auto-pause and resume, and multi-device syncing.

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